SuperCharge Batteries are driven by technology

Our commitment to continuous improvement is born from an obsession with innovation. Since our ground-breaking rollout of the maintenance free battery with the cutting edge and patented Expanded Grid Technology – EXG, the SuperCharge team have continued their focus on improving design and maximising the two most important characteristics of any battery, more power and a longer life.


What's so special about EXG?

There are many benefits that makes EXG quite special. The construction of the calcium plates in super compressed rolled strips creates a dense grid pattern allowing for a more compact unit. It is less susceptible to heat corrosion and delivers more efficient cranking power. Moreover, as the EXG plates are shorter and have minimal gassing, there is less water loss and no acid top up is required.


SNT Technology

SuperCharge Batteries have now gone further by introducing SNT Technology. SNT is included in our new Gold Plus product. SNT optimises our plate additives with a special mix of Lead, Calcium & Tin providing us with the ability to increase the maximum CCA power the battery can deliver. SNT also works with our existing high quality EXG grids to improve corrosion and creep resistance to extend the life of the battery.

Our ‘Glass Mat’ technology provides increased CCA levels and literally bonds the various components in your battery together, minimising the effects of vibration by preventing shredding where material falls to the bottom of the cell. These innovations mean batteries subjected to extreme vibration like trucks and SUV’s are now resistant to the harmful effects of vibration.

Our confidence in this revolutionary ‘maintenance free’ battery is so great we offer a 40 month warranty, the first of it’s kind in the industry.

Continuous improvement keeps us moving forward and our legacy continues to grow. Cue the new TruckMaster Hybrid powered battery

Using our antimony positive/calcium negative Dual Alloy Technology, the TruckMaster has several benefits starting with better recharging ability. It is also more corrosion resistant than calcium/calcium products, due to thicker plates being installed. The plates are boarded which prevents loose calcium growth, which can cause short circuits. And finally, the use of our ‘Glass Mat’ Separator allows for the plates to be more tightly compacted and therefore more vibration resistant.

The TruckMaster is a truly world class product, from the world leader in battery innovations. And in another industry first, SuperCharge Batteries is pleased to introduce an astounding 24 month warranty on this product

Battery Construction

Maintenance-free sealed cover design & Leading enabling technology

  1. Foldable Handles for ease of handling and installation.
  2. Hydroeye TM indicates state of charge.
  3. Porex Technology, an advance breather system to help prevent pressure build-up inside the battery and helps minimise the risk of explosion from externally generated sparks.
  4. Liquid Gas Separator Design allows recirculation of acid back into the battery reducing the risk of acid starvation.
  5. Advanced Polypropylene Casing, computer controlled heat injected, light weight plastic resin, moulded to improve impact resistance.
  6. Polyethylene Envelope Separators provide enhanced cranking power through minimised electrical resistance and longer life through better puncture and tear resistance.
  7. Proprietary Paste Formulation, developed and designed to deliver more cranking and reserve capacity per gram of active material using controlled processes ensuring longer lasting and consistent high quality plates. For our GoldPlus range we added SNT technology to optimise plate performance through a special mix of Lead-Calcium-Tin alloy and paste additive that helps deliver even more consistent, reliable capacity.
  8. Expanded Lead-Calcium-Tin Grids
    • High density grids to provide superior performance against corrosion and overcharging.
    • Interlocking grid design to provide exceptional active paste material adhesion.
    • Calcium (Ca) alloy to provide very low self-discharge and prevent excessive gassing and thermal runaway plus Tin (Sn) alloy to improve charging capability.
    • For our GoldPlus range, SNT also works with our existing EXG high quality grids to improve corrosion and creep resistance to extend the life of the battery.