RAMCAR Celebrating 100 years 2019

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SuperCharge is backed by a manufacturing legacy that spans 100 years, through our parent company, the Ramcar Group of companies based in Philippines, Ramcar is the fastest growing battery manufacture in Asia, and has driven significant growth in the Australian market.

More than 700,000 expanded metal calcium-calcium batteries are produced each month at Ramcar’s fully integrated state-of-the-art factory. Incorporating every aspect of the process, this purpose-built facility houses lead recycling, tool, die and mould fabrication, as well as plastic injection and acid plants. It also places high priority on research and design, the results of which flows through to continuous advance across our entire product range.


Rigorous international safety and compliance standards are met throughout Ramcar’s entire operation, with products also supplied to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and many other parts in Asia. SuperCharge Batteries superior offering in the Australian market is testament to this global expertise.