SuperCharge AllRounder

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SuperCharge Batteries offer longer life, more power and performance with maximum durability and reliability.

With over 95 years experience, Ramcar produces SuperCharge in its world-class facilities in the Philippines.

What is so special about Expanded Grid Technology (EXG)? The benefits are many. The construction of the calcium plates in super compressed rolled strips creates a dense grid pattern allowing for a more compact unit. It is less susceptible to heat corrosion and delivers more efficient cranking power. Also, as the EXG plates are shorter and have minimal gassing, there is less water loss and no acid top up is required.

SuperCharge starting and semi deep-cycling batteries are specifically designed to meet the 4WD, RV, marine and leisure power requirements of the Australian market. Powered by EXG, they are built with improved heat and vibration tolerance to ensure sufficient cranking (CCA) and energy/capacity (RC and AH) needs. This means ALLROUNDER batteries will not just start an engine but can also sustain constant accessory loads. The ALLROUNDER battery also reduces risk in end-user handling and spillage as well as contamination from dust and dirt for your safety and convenience.


SuperCharge AllRounder

Deep Cycle and Starting Battery


Accessible maintenance-free design
Improved cranking and semi deep-cycling ability
Minimal self-discharge rate
Improved heat and vibration tolerance for long service life
  • 12-months-warranty
Type Nominal Voltage (V) CCA @ -18°C RC @ 25°C AH @ 20hr Overall Dimension (mm) Wet Weight (kg) Assembly Post Type Warranty
ALLROUNDER - Maintenance Free
MRV48 12 525 100 60 237 171 182 208 15.5 d DFA 12
MRV50 12 650 140 80 259 173 201 222 18.6 d DST 12
MRV70 12 760 160 105 304 173 203 224 23.7 d DST 12
MRV70L 12 760 160 105 304 173 203 224 23.7 c DST 12
MRV87 12 825 180 110 330 173 240 240 25.6 h DST 12