SuperCharge GoldPlus Truck

SuperCharge GoldPlus Batteries

SuperCharge GoldPlus Batteries offers the longest battery life backed with the longest warranties in the industry.

We are proud to be a preferred original equipment supplier for major automotive manufacturers. With over 100 years of experience, our parent company RAMCAR produces SuperCharge GoldPlus Batteries in its world-class facilities in the Philippines. Our batteries are designed to exceed the original equipment requirement.

We are proud to be the preferred original equipment supplier for batteries by major automotive corporations. As a leader in battery innovation, we developed our batteries to have the longest service life by meticulously selecting the right components to achieve a perfectly balanced battery.

With this, SuperCharge Batteries will deliver efficient cranking power and the longest battery life. As a commitment to be the leader in battery innovation, SuperCharge Batteries ensures all our products will fit and exceed all types of vehicles.

Advanced battery design exceeding OE2 requirement, offering best performance and longer life.


  • Built with More Lead-Calcium Tropicalised Power Plate
  • Formulated for high state of charge retention
  • Advanced dense and compact battery construction
  • Assembled using hardened alloys and intercell connections
  • Fully-sealed Maintenance-Free battery
  • High efficiency electrical flow design
  • Formulated with high purity lead and electrolyte
Type Size Nominal Voltage Technology CCA @ RC @ AH @ Overall Dimension (mm) Post Style Terminal Type Ledge Accessibility Hydro Warranty (mths) Data
(V) -18°C 25amps 20hrs L W H TH Priv Extn Comm Sheet
4WD, SUV, Truck & Industrial Applications
MF80D26RNS7012SMF CAL75015085259174202223stdDFLTSYES4018
MF80D26LNS7012SMF CAL75015085259174202223stdCFLTSYES4018
MF95D31RN7012SMF CAL85018095304174203224stdDFLTSYES4018
MF95D31LN7012SMF CAL85018095304174203224stdCFLTSYES4018
MF31-931N87/G3112SMF CAL1000210110330172215237stdHNLTSYES24
MF31-930N87/G3112SMF CAL1000210110330172215237tsHNLTSYES24
MFN94N9412SMF CAL900275145508208177204stdENLTSYES24
MFN100N10012SMF CAL815200100405173211231stdDNLTSYES24
MFN100LN10012SMF CAL815200100405173211231stdCNLTSYES24
MFN120RN12012SMF CAL900300150505180210233stdFNLTSYES24
MFN120LN12012SMF CAL900300150505180210233stdENLTSYES24
MFN150RN15012SMF CAL1000330165508220210236stdFNLTSYES24
MFN150LN15012SMF CAL1000330165508220210236stdENLTSYES24
MFN200RN20012SMF CAL1250408200524278225251stdFNLTSYES24
MFN200LN20012SMF CAL1250408200524278225251stdENLTSYES24
N120LXD412SMF CAL1150300154513188215224stdENLACCNO24
Type Size Nominal Voltage Technology CCA @ RC @ AH @ Overall Dimension (mm) Post Style Terminal Type Ledge Accessibility Hydro Warranty (mths) Data
(V) -18°C 25amps 20hrs L W H TH Priv Extn Comm Sheet
European Truck
DIN100LDIN10012SMF CAL950-110394174190190stdCEL & FLTSYES24
EMFN120RN12012SMF CAL930200120514189196217stdFNLTSYES24
EMFN120LN12012SMF CAL930200120514189196217stdENLTSYES24
EMFN150RLN15012SMF CAL1030350180511222195217stdFEL & FLTSYES24
EMFN150RN15012SMF CAL1030300150514223196217stdFNLTSYES24
EMFN150LN15012SMF CAL1030300150514223196217stdENLTSYES24
EMFN200RN20012SMF CAL1150400200518272216237stdFNLTSYES24
EMFN200LN20012SMF CAL1150400200518272216237stdENLTSYES24