RevPlus Batteries

Revplus motorcycle batteries has powered millions of Australian riders on our roads. Together, we have forged a remarkable success story of performance and quality.

Today, RevPlus Motorcycle Batteries stands as a major player in the Australian battery market, providing riders with a product range of motorcycle batteries. Over the years, as battery technology and vehicle standards have improved, RevPlus Motorcycle Batteries has remained at the forefront of innovation – consistently pioneering new products and challenging industry preconceptions.

The RevPlus Motorcycle Batteries range is available in sizes to suit most models and is powered by the latest technology.

The RevPlus Motorcycle Batteries range provides you with the most powerful motorcycle battery product available. The RevPlus Premium and HD battery range are equipped with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology which extends battery life and ensures leak proof performance. The RevPlus Motorcycle Batteries range is available in Dry Charge and Fully Sealed AGM designs to fit the most popular road bikes in Australia.

The RevPlus brand offers Premium, HD and Regular variants to fit a large range of Australian applications.


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