Automotive Batteries

SuperCharge Batteries offer longer life, more power and performance with maximum durability and reliability.

With over 95 years experience, Ramcar produces SuperCharge in its world-class facilities in the Philippines. We are the first to introduce industry leading 36 month warranty on our Gold product and now 40 months with our GoldPlus.

SuperCharge maintenance-free automotive batteries are designed using advanced Expanded Grid Technology (EXG) to withstand the extreme driving conditions in Australia. The automotive battery range offers a wide range of applications for makes including Japanese, American and European models.

What is so special about EXG? The benefits are many. The construction of the calcium plates in super compressed rolled strips creates a dense grid pattern allowing for a more compact unit. It is less susceptible to heat corrosion and delivers more efficient cranking power. Also, as the EXG plates are shorter and have minimal gassing, there is less water loss and no acid top up is required.

SuperCharge Batteries have gone further by introducing Optimal Plate Technology (SNT) which is included in our new GoldPlus product range. SNT optimises our plate performance through a special mix of Lead-Calcium-Tin alloy and paste additive that promotes uniform plate structure delivering consistent reliable capacity. SNT also works with our existing EXG high quality grids to improve corrosion and creep resistance to extend the life of the battery.

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