Testers & Battery Replacement Tool

SuperCharge Batteries has introduced a range of accessories to help test batteries. Our products offer accurate and reliable test results which will help to determine the state of a battery and electronic system. Created specifically for commercial use these tools are easy to use and gives fast results

SCB521 Background
SCB521 Battery tester
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) & AGM test capability
  • Complete test report print out
  • Detachable cable for easy maintenance
  • Multiple protections for over-voltage, reverse polarity
  • Suitable for conventional & Start Stop vehicles
  • Global testing standards (CCA, SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS#)
  • Starting & charging (alternator) testing analysis in seconds
  • Reports internal resistance in milliohms
  • Hard case for safe storage
BRT-12 background
BRT-12 Battery Replacement Tool
  • Validates battery replacement
  • Clears battery fault code
  • Suitable for batteries from all brands and manufacturer
  • All code congurations built-in (no computer connection required to operate)
  • Directly powered from car voltage (no batteries, no need to recharge)
  • 12 language options available from the built-in language
  • Easily updatable software at your own convenience from any computer free for 2 years
  • Test battery internal resistance, voltage, CCA, health and charge
Supercharge Technologies SPB1500 Power Pack
Supercharge Tech Power Pack
  • Range of DC outlet ports, USB A, USB C, Car Socket, and DC5521
  • 4 x 240 Volt AC Outlets
  • 1600W Pure Sine AC Inverter
  • DC Charging input from 12V or 24V
  • Integrated MPPT Solar Regulator
  • Fast AC Charge - 2.5hrs to 80%
  • Charging cables included
  • RCM/CE/RoHS Certified
  • UL1642 Certification
Battery Charger 04 uai
BC12V30A Smart Battery Charger
  • High voltage pulse to break down lead sulfate crystals and help restore battery capacity
  • Soft change feature stage to help prevent voltage spike
  • Bulk charge feature stage to deliver maximum current available
  • Absorption charge feature allows battery to charge more and reach full capacity
  • Balancing equalisation, used only for flooded lead acid battery and ensures balanced cells to extend battery life
  • Float charge feature allows voltage to be lower to prevent overcharging
  • Pulse maintenance provides short pulse current to prevent self discharge and sulfation to keep the battery in optimal condition
  1. Follow the procedure to download the latest PC suite from BRT-12 Suite  (you might have to copy the link on to a new browser )
  2. Download SuperCharge Battery replacement tool guides from these links Configure Tool & Suite Install Guide.
  3. When you run the installer you are presented with a User Account Control message warning you that the application you are installing will make changes to your computer. It is imperative to ensure that you have Administrator rights on the PC before continuing
  4. Wait while the PC prepares to install.
  5. After you have run the BRT-12MP suite application, the ‘Welcome to the ‘BRT-12MP Setup Wizard’ will be displayed, select ‘Next’.
  6. The ‘Select installation Folder’ screen will appear, accept the folder if appropriate and select ‘Next’.
  7. When the ‘Confirm Installation’ screen appears select ‘Next’.
  8. The ‘Installing Supercharge BRT-12MP Suite’ screen will be launched, once the software has been successfully installed select ‘Next’.
  9. As this is the first time that your BRT-12MP has been connected to your PC, the ‘Device Driver Installation Wizard’ popup will be displayed.
  10. The installation will take a short time to complete; the screen below will be displayed during this process.
  11. Your PC may give you a warning saying the Publisher is unknown. Select ‘Install the driver software anyway’ to accept the changes that will be made.
  12. The ‘Completing the Device Driver Installation Wizard’ screen is displayed, when your BRT-12MP has been detected. Select ‘Finish’.
  13. You will see the screen ‘Installation Complete’ that confirms that the installation was successful, select ‘Close’.
  14. Run the BRT-12MP Suite Application from the start menu, select ‘Start’ – ‘Programs’ – ‘Supercharge’ – ‘BRT-12MP Suite’. (There will also be an icon installed onto your desktop).
  1. Read the Privacy Policy and accept before continuing.
  2. Connect the USB cable supplied to the BRT-12MP and then to a USB port on the PC. A main USB port (on the rear of the PC) as opposed to an extension (on the front of the PC) is preferable.
  3. The Driver should indicate that it is fully installed and ready to use. If this does not happen, go to the Installing Driver section.
  4. When you press the ‘Next’ button, the BRT-12MP will be detected by the BRT-12MP Suite..
  5. The Suite will then check the internet connection is present. If you experience problems at this point you will be directed to the Tests & Checks section of the BRT-12MP Suite.
  6. Complete the ‘Product Registration’ ensuring you complete all sections marked with a ‘*’. Once complete press the ‘Next’ button.
  7. Once the information has been submitted, the Subscription Number, Postcode, Email address and subscription expiry date will be displayed back. Although these details are stored on your PC, It would be worthwhile making a note of these details in case you require them in the future.