As an expression of the long-life design, customers will have the best warranties across all product tiers, and in fact, with the new SuperCharge Gold and Gladiator lines, ground-breaking offers to customers who value high quality and product life above all else.

For too long now, starting battery quality has been mistakenly equated with just cranking capability (CCAs).  That is true only to the point where EXCESS cranking comes at the expense of shorter service life.  In a nutshell, we don’t really need batteries that can start vehicles in Iceland, but rather those that can last a long time in our environments in Australia.

All our new products meet and EXCEED international starting battery standards. More importantly, rigorous tests for the new designs ensure that cycle lives surpass competitors through the product tiers and, at the high end, generate in excess of 100% more cycles.

While certain features of the re-design are proprietary, it is a combination of the following general battery elements working in harmony to maximize life cycles:

  • Hardened Grids using alloys and frame designs that will resist grid growth over time
  • Long-term battery cooling designed for the Australian summer
  • Dense and compact plate construction
  • Cushioning material and robust connections to withstand punishment from vibrations
  • Formulations and battery assembly design that encourage high-efficiency electrical transmission through the discharge and charge cycles and ensure maintenance of higher state of charge
  • High purity contaminant-free materials produced by our own lead manufacturing plants
  • Formulations that provide long-term deterrence to sulphate crystal formation
  • High purity contaminant-free acid solutions are also produced by our own acid plant

With all these battery innovations, SuperCharge Batteries provides the longest battery service life backed with the industry’s leading warranty.

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