AMP-TECH Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries

AMPTech Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries is the most complete and premium power for your deep cycle requirements.

We have a wide range of sizes and technologies that suits your needs. From the most trusted conventional flooded plate battery, tubular technology and lithium technology, Amptech offers the best for your applications. Amptech batteries is perfect for your industrial, marine, golf and adventure applications.

Deep Cycle Maintainable Batteries


  • High Density Plate Design to Deliver Maximum Power
  • Withstands Extensive Discharge and Re-Charge Cycles
Type Nominal Voltage Technology AH @ AH @ AH @ AH @ Overall Dimension (mm) Post Assembly Vent Warranty (mths)
(V) 1hr 5hrs 10hrs 20hrs L W H TH Style Priv Comm
Deep Cycle Flooded
D126MAINT CYCLING---95228173190204stdA-1212
D50Z12MAINT CYCLING---80259174201222dstD-1212
D70Z12MAINT CYCLING---105304173203224dstD-1212
D87L12MAINT CYCLING---120330172215236stdD-1212


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