SuperCharge Gladiator Batteries

SuperCharge Gladiator Batteries offers the longest battery life backed with the longest warranties in the industry.

With over 100 years of experience, our parent company RAMCAR produces SuperCharge Gladiator Batteries in its world-class facilities in the Philippines. Our batteries are designed to exceed the original equipment requirement.

We are proud to be the preferred original equipment supplier for batteries by major automotive corporations. As a leader in battery innovation, we developed our batteries to have the longest service life by meticulously selecting the right components to achieve a perfectly balanced battery.

With this, SuperCharge Batteries will deliver efficient cranking power and the longest battery life. As a commitment to be the leader in battery innovation, SuperCharge Batteries ensures all our products will fit and exceed all types of vehicles.

Pinnacle of flooded battery technology providing outstanding performance and longest service life.


  • 100% more cycles than older technologies
  • Exceeds OE2 requirement for all vehicles.
  • Balanced for optimised heat control
  • Built with Tropicalised and Hardened Framed Plates
  • High efficiency electrical flow design
  • Advanced dense and compact battery construction
  • Engineered with highest efficiency energy output and recovery
  • Formulated for high state of charge retention
  • Designed to resist vibrations
Type Size Nominal Voltage Technology CCA @ RC @ AH @ Overall Dimension (mm) Post Style Terminal Type Ledge Accessibility Hydro Warranty (mths) Data
(V) -18°C 25amps 20hrs L W H TH Priv Extn Comm Sheet
Gladiator 5 Years
MFULD23LD2312SMF CAL65012075233173201222stdCFLTSYES506024
MFULD23RD2312SMF CAL65012075233173201222stdDFLTSYES506024
MFULD26LNS7012SMF CAL75015085259173202222stdCFLTSYES506024
MFULD26RNS7012SMF CAL75015085259173202222stdDFLTSYES506024
MFULD31LN7012SMF CAL85018095304173203223stdCFLTSYES506024
MFULD31RN7012SMF CAL85018095304173203223stdDFLTSYES506024


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