Ritar HR Series Batteries

Designed for heavy load discharge applications.

HR (High Rate) series is especially designed for heavy load discharge applications with 8 to 15 years design life in float service. By using strong grids and specially designed active material the HR series offers stable performance during high current discharge requirements .The HR series offers 30% more power output than the standard range. Suitable for UPS/EPS, data centers where high current loads are required.

Designed for heavy load discharge applications.


  • Voltage class: 6V/12V
  • Capacity range: 16W~850W
  • Superior energy density and very high power output
  • Low self-discharge performance
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Long design life
  • Suitable for UPS/EPS, data centers where high current loads are required
Type Nominal Voltage AH @ Capacity @ Overall Dimension (mm) Post Data
(V) 20hrs Rating L W H TH Style Sheet
High Rate Discharge Batteries
HR12-20BWF2 (RT1250BHF2)12V20W (5.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)151.55095101f2
HR12-22W (RT1250HF2)12V22W (5.5AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)9070101107f2
HR12-38W12V38W (9.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)1516593.5100f2
HR12-48W12V48W (12.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)1519895101f2
HR12-88W12V88W (22.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)18177167167f18
HR12-104W12V104W (26.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)166176125125f3
HR12-125W12V125W (33.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)195130155168f11
HR12-280W (RA12-75H)12V280W (75.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)260169211216f12
HR12-580WL (RA12-134)12V580W (155.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)340173280287f12m8
HR12-800W (HR12-780WL / RA12-240)12V800W (240.0AH)15min/1.67VPC (C20)522240219224f10


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